Spc (stone-polymer composite) flooring is among the most modern and innovative solutions, bringing a series of practical, aesthetic and functional advantages to your rooms.
This material is formed with a translucent layer that ensures high level of protection from scratches and stains, a vinyl layer customizable to your taste both in terms of finish and color, an SPC layer that provides rigidity and stability to the floor and a cushioning base layer that guarantees sound insulation and perfect adaptability to pre-existent floors it will be laid on.
It can be easily installed on any type of surface, from concrete to ceramic plus it is easy to clean and completely waterproof making it the perfect material for any room of your home, even in bathrooms,
High stability, little expansion and no shrinkage compared to classic laminates are the most remarkable characteristics of this product.
SPC floors are also heat resistant: they can be installed on any underfloor heating system.
Lastly, they are quick and easy to install: thanks to an interlocking system you will not require the use of any type of glue to lay down this type of floor.