Designed not only to warm up the room these design radiators and towel warmers embellish even the smallest spaces.
Hundreds of combinations, vertical and horizontal, will keep your rooms warm and cozy every day of the year.

All products are made with care by artists capable of transforming each model into a pure piece of art.


The radiators are italian style solutions for hotels, restaurants, wellness centers and gyms.

They are available in a wide range of finishes (glass, wood, ceramic and steel) and customizable colours.

These radiators ensure high mechanical and energy saving performances (from 40 W for towel warmers and 300 W for radiators). They are silent and able to satisfy every system and design requirement. They harmoniously combine with bathrooms and rooms’ furnishings: an elegant design, made in Italy, easy to install and clean, of superior quality, for a design capable of lasting over time without particular maintenance.